Airboats Max: All important details at a glance

Got Apple Airboats Max Given. High-ear headphone for less than 600 euros. If you decide to buy now, you will have to wait a long time. First orders will be issued from December 15, and Airbots Max will not be available again until March 2021. A little tip: If you choose the Airboat Max with engraving, delivery will take place in January. The engraving is done on the top of the left handset.

Colored airboards Maximum ear pads

Apple will soon be available for 77 euros Interchangeable ear pads in five colors To give. So you can customize your Airboats Max and combine the two colors with each other. For example, if you change the layout with a friend who ordered a different color it will be cheaper. There are 25 options in total. The transmission is very easy because the ear pads are placed magnetically.

Airboats Max without U1 chip

The U1 chip for Ultra Whiteband is not available on Airboats Max. While currently installing the Apple U1 chip on all iPhones, iPods, the Apple Watch, HomePot and Go, the Airboats Max only has the H1 chip, which allows for a quick connection with an iOS or MacOS device.

The U1 chip is currently used to identify devices by air drop. In addition, the U1 chip will significantly improve the location of devices with upcoming airtacks.

The AppleCare + costs 59 euros

If you want to further protect your Airports Max, costs Apple Care + 59 Euro. “With AppleCare + you have optimal service for your airplanes, with the technical support of in-ear headphones or Beats headphones – Experts 1 and Hardware Security 2, with a service charge of 29 29 each, including two repairs in the event of accidental damage within 12 months. Security begins. Security does not apply to theft or loss. ”

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Battery service costs .8 82.86

If the Airboat Max has a bad battery only after intensive use it can be replaced by Apple. Then be for service 82.86 Euro Due to. If you buy the Apple Care +, the battery replacement will be closed, if the Airbots Max is less than 80 percent of their original capacity.

Technical specifications

The exact dimensions can be seen in the following image. Weight 384.8 grams, which is high compared to the competition. For example, the Bose 700 weighs only 249 grams, while Sony headphones weigh 254 grams. In addition, there is a smart case, which weighs another 134.5 grams. The headphones and case together weigh 519.3 grams.

The Airboats Max naturally relies on Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with the following devices: iPhone SE and newer, Apple Watch Series 1 and newer, Apple TV 4K, iPod mini and newer, iPod Touch 7 and newer Macs from 2012 onwards. Audio sharing is not supported on some older devices.

Delivery purpose includes Airboats Max, Smart Case and Lightning for USB-C cable. Power supply section is not included.

Airboats Max Im Video

Airboats Max

New Airboats Max – the perfect balance between brilliant hi-fi audio and the magical simplicity of airports. The final experience of listening is here.

597.25 Euro

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