Allegiant Air passengers withdrew for flight’interference’ on charges of asking crew members to wear face masks

Allegiant Air passengers withdrew for flight'interference' on charges of asking crew members to wear face masks

A man was excluded from an Alligant Air flight to Punta Da, Florida on charges of asking a flight attendant to wear a face mask. report News Week.

In a video posted on Twitter, an old man appears to have fallen into disbelief when a masked flight attendant asked the man to leave.

The user who posted the video is the man Bong Bong I started off from Punta Gorda Florida this morning because I asked the flight attendant why I had to wear a mask and not. “

FRONTIER AIRLINES criticizes after instructing AIRMARSHAL to remove flag face mask

An Allegiant spokesperson told FOX News that passengers violating FAA rules were removed by briefly lowering their masks to speak into a public speaking microphone so that the crew could understand the announcement, and then “repeated and aggressively halting pre-flight safety briefings”. News. The passenger who said, “he said he could not hear clearly.

The spokesman said, “The passengers were disturbed at that time.” “This wasn’t a’billing’. The crew’s mask returned to its place right after the announcement.”

According to Allegiant, face covers are required at all stages of travel, including ticket counters, gate areas and during flight. They also noted that all airline passengers are provided with masks and disinfectant wipes, and that the required health check-in questionnaire at check-in includes consent to wear a mask throughout the trip.

Brawl breaks out on American Airlines planes when passengers refuse to follow the face protection policy.

However, the incident caused other users to tweet about the experience of crew members wearing masks incorrectly or not following the protocol completely.

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One user asked the airline to have the flight attendant enforce the policy, and the airline responded, “Enforcement of our mask policy is definitely expected from the flight attendant. We will share your feedback with our team.”

Meanwhile, another user called the airline “not so picky” about the mask policy.

This airline has been voted one of the top 10 safest North American airlines to travel during COVID-19. Travel pulse.

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