Allows you to unlock the iPhone with the iOS 14.5 mask. But there is a catch!

Allows you to unlock the iPhone with the iOS 14.5 mask.  But there is a catch!

Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition technology, faces its biggest infectious challenge. Because users wear masks outside the home, recognizing them has proven to be a difficult task.

With the advent of iOS 14.5 beta, it is now known that any iPhone with this technology can be unlocked with a mask. However, it is important to emphasize that there is a bias.

The Apple Watch is essential in this task

It has been revealed that unlocking any iPhone will only work with the nearby Apple Watch, even if the user is wearing a mask. This will act as an authentication mechanism, certifying the identity of the person who wants to access the iPhone in question.

It includes a new feature: Open the iPhone with the Apple Watch while wearing the mask. If you wear a mask and have an unopened Apple Watch on your wrist, you can unlock FaceID on your iPhone.

– Jonah Stern (@ Jonah Stern) February 1, 2021

It is important that your Apple Watch is unlocked so that you can access your iPhone. The rest of the unlock method remains the same, which means you have to trigger Face ID anyway.

If Face ID detects that the user is wearing a mask, the user will use the Apple Watch to authenticate it. If so, your smartwatch will vibrate as a sign of success when you open your iPhone.

However, it is important to clarify that the remaining functions that use Face ID for authentication do not benefit from this innovation. This includes methods for authorizing fees, which require full face-to-face authorization prior to authorization.

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This feature is available Developer beta iOS 14.5 released today. If you are not part of this testing phase of the Apple operating system, you will have to wait until the final version of this package is released.

Other New Features of iOS 14.5

Unlocking the iPhone using the Apple Watch is only part of the message that came with iOS 14.5. In this version, we can also highlight support for Xbox Series X / S or PS5 controls on iPhone and iPod.

There are more possibilities now with Fitness +, Apple’s new gaming service. The Fitness app on your iPhone can now send video and audio of the proposed exercises to TVs with AirPlay 2 support.

Finally, the novelty that has been at the center of so many controversies of the last days officially arrives. Application tracking transparency officially comes with iOS 14.5, forcing all applications to ask for permission before collecting any data from users.

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