Amal Clooney quit the British government’s stance on Boris Johnson’s proposal to invalidate the Brexit agreement.

Amal Clooney quit the British government's stance on Boris Johnson's proposal to invalidate the Brexit agreement.

Human rights attorney Amal Clooney stepped down from the British press freedom envoy on Friday.I was disappointed with the government’s efforts to violate international law.

Clooney, Letter to British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, Said Prime Minister Boris Johnson “sorry” announcing plans to invalidate Britain’s international treaty obligations in the withdrawal agreement between the European Union and Britain, widely known as “Brexit.”

She said, “I was disappointed to learn that the government was trying to pass a bill, the Internal Market Bill, which would be a’violation of international law.’

“It’s a shame that the government has suggested that violations of international law will be’specific and restrictive’, but the UK has expressed its intention to violate an international treaty signed by the prime minister a year ago.” Has been added.

Married to actor George Clooney, Clooney still firmly believes in the “importance of the media freedom campaign led by Britain and Canada”, but “now as envoy to me, the British have an international obligation to other countries while declaring that they have no intention of doing so. I urge you to respect and enforce it.”

Her resignation was discovered after Richard Keane, a Scottish Attorney for the British Government, left his post on Wednesday. “It gets harder and harder to adjust” his duties as an attorney laid down in internal market legislation. According to BBC News.

Last week, Jonathan Jones, the top government lawyer, Backed down Ministers have prepared the bill for publication.

BBC news coverage The EU has urged the UK government to remove legislation giving the UK the power to negate agreements on goods movement between Northern Ireland and the UK and subsidies for Northern Ireland businesses.

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