Amazon has already canceled Crucible, a free multiplayer shooter that is back in closed beta.

Amazon has already canceled Crucible, a free multiplayer shooter that is back in closed beta.

Amazon officially canceled Crucible, It is a free multiplayer shooting game. It’s the end of the tough journey of the first released game. In May Before returning to closed beta after years of development In July.

“We are very grateful for the way our fans have joined our endeavors and loved seeing your reaction to the changes we have made over the past few months, but ultimately we haven’t seen a healthy and sustainable future. [for] Crucible,” Crucible Tim said Blog post.

If it is a closed beta, you can play the game in any form for a while. According to the blog, developers will host a “final playtest and community celebration” in the coming weeks. Once this is done, matchmaking will be disabled, but you will be able to play the custom game (coming soon) until November 9th at 3pm EST. The company also says it will provide a full refund for any purchases you may have made. If you want a refund, please follow the instructions below. This area.

Crucible Developers go to other Amazon Games titles, including: New world, Amazon’s upcoming MMO. Currently slated for release in the spring of 2021, the game has unique challenges, including: Two delays. And we are also waiting for release. Pac-Man Live Studio, This is the Pac-Man version that you can play directly on Twitch. Amazon said In May The game will be released in June, but it hasn’t been released yet, and the game’s website says “forthcoming.”

Amazon doesn’t just create games, it also provides cloud gaming services. It’s Luna, launched last month.. US users can request advance access right now. If you want to understand how Luna stacks up against other cloud gaming products, here’s a guide on this. Right here.

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