Amazon has unveiled new tracking, distribution, and pick-up options to keep the holiday season ‘spoiler-free’.

Amazon has unveiled new tracking, distribution, and pick-up options to keep the holiday season 'spoiler-free'.

The Holidays Americans generally have a great time buying gifts, preparing family meals, and preparing their homes for guests.

As Corona virus The epidemic has prompted many families to stay home this year, proving that it can be very difficult to hide special gifts for loved ones. as a consequence, Amazon Has released new ways to keep the season “spoiler free”, track, receive, and receive holiday orders.

Retail Group Plans Robert Holiday Sales does not confirm corona virus infection

Amazon customers can now easily track deliveries using Map Tracking through the retailer’s app, which provides real-time updates on how many stops a driver makes before a delivery arrives.

Amazon Map Tracking (courtesy of Amazon Photo)

The company also offers share tracking, which allows customers to send tracking information to friends and family so they know when to expect their gifts. Once the package is shipped, Amazon customers go to ‘Your Orders’ in the Amazon app, select the item they purchased, and tap the ‘Share Tracking’ feature on the tracking page.

Customers can send the link via messaging applications such as SMS, email or WhatsApp. If the customer marks the item as a gift in the update, once the ‘shared tracking’ is sent, the recipient can almost ‘unbox’ the item, send a thank you email, and more through the Amazon app.

Amazon Photo-on-Delivery (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

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Customers can now also use the photo-on-delivery feature to visualize where their package has been delivered and where the driver is placed. Amazon will allow customers to plan ahead of time to deliver a two to four hour estimated delivery window.

A day in the life of an Amazon warehouse worker

For customers who are concerned about keeping their packages safe from potential weather damage, Amazon offers “key in-garage delivery” which will now be extended to Prime members in more than 4,000 cities and towns across the United States.

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

“Key In-Garage Delivery” allows qualified prime members to get safely into their garage with a mic smart garage door opener. Customers can combine their MyQ app with the “Key by Amazon” app and select this distribution option during the update. The package is offered, and customers will receive notifications via the “Key by Amazon” app or the Amazon app.

Customers can offer gifts to alternative Amazon Hub locations in more than 900 cities and towns across the United States, offering easy, convenient and contact-free package pick-up options.

The Amazon Hub is available for tens of thousands of products sold Free Prime at extra cost with the same quick shipping of home delivery including one day, one day and two day shipping. Non-Prime members can receive free shipping on orders over 25.

Amazon 4-Star Location (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

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Starting this holiday season, Amazon customers can also select the “Amazon 4-Star” or “Amazon Books” location for distribution. Prime members can receive free shipping on the same day without a minimum purchase amount this year.

To deliver to an Amazon b physical fire retail store or Amazon Hub location, select the location that is most convenient for customers when they ask for an update. Once their package is delivered, customers will receive an email notification with details on how and where to pick it up. Customers can visit the Amazon Hub location of their choice to collect their package.

Customers have three to 15 days to place their order, depending on the location of the Amazon Hub or Amazon P physical fire retailer.

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In addition, a customer of Amazon Alexa asked, “Where is my product?” That being said, it hides the name of the product for loved ones to avoid spoiling any surprises. Or verifies their distribution update notifications. Alexa will also avoid publishing the names of the items marked as gifts during the renewal.

Customers who want to be extra careful or worry that they might forget to mark an item as a gift during the upgrade can also change the settings for item names in the Alexa app to cover all topics.

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The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that holiday sales will be “very strong” despite concerns about an epidemic this season.

From November 1 to December 31, sales are projected to rise 3.6% to 5.2%, earning between $ 755.3 billion and $ 766.7 billion, said Matthew Shaw, chairman and CEO of the country’s largest retail group, during the company’s 2020 holiday sales. Forecast Telecommunication. Online and other non-store sales alone are expected to increase by 20% to 30%, from $ 202.5 billion to $ 218.4 billion, up from $ 168.7 billion last year.

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