Amazon officially canceled’Crucible’ this November

Amazon officially canceled'Crucible' this November
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Amazon officially stopped working Crucible, Is a free multiplayer action game.

Developer Relentless Studios is on the official Crucible website statement About the issue called “Final Crucible Developer Update”

After much deliberation, the team ultimately came to the conclusion that “I have never seen a healthier and more sustainable future than Crucible.”

Instead of continuing to work on Crucible, the development team will shift their focus to Amazon’s MMO. New world. There are also a series of additional titles that the team plans to work on further on other projects.

For players who participated in the closed beta, where Crucible returned earlier this year, the game will continue to play for the time being. In fact, developers will be hosting a “final playtest and community celebration” over the next few weeks. We don’t have a playtest date yet, so it’s a good idea to log in as much as possible by November to get as many ordeals as possible now. Custom games will be available until 3pm on November 9th.

Players can now request a full refund or purchase for the Crucible. In-game purchases have also been deactivated in the future. Amazon has posted official instructions for requesting a refund on its official Crucible page.

Crucible has been plagued by various problems since its first announcement in 2016. Finally, various changes have been made. Debut on Steam Early May 2020. However, it was released with a few features that were initially advertised, such as how it can integrate with the streaming platform Twitch.

Amazon will focus its resources on the aforementioned New World and its cloud gaming service, Luna. Cloud gaming service Luna is heading to PC, Mac, iPhone and Android in the near future. There is no confirmed date yet.

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