Amazon Prime Video, Globoplay and Netflix will have significant losses

Imagem Ilustrativa: Catálogo do Disney Hotstar India

The decision to have dozens of series from popular streaming sites is near; Understand.

Chart: Disney Hotstar India Schedule
Chart: Disney Hotstar India Schedule

A movement like the one we saw in 2020 is going to happen. This is an excellent escape from such sites Amazon Prime Video, Globophile e Netflix.

Products property that leaves the listings Disney, Which is now the best brand commander Fox Further.

All the way to becoming exclusive streaming products Star +, Which should be officially launched in Brazil in June 2021.

A similar movement occurred in 2020, in which all sites lost relevant content as they were launched Disney +.

Look at it?

-> Globoplay announces new series and novels for 2021

-> Rankings Netflix is ​​at the forefront with Oi Fibro

-> Amazon Prime Video is a stream with a large number of images

The strategy now is to offer a service that is completely dedicated to Disney’s “adult” products.

In the official revelations, it has already been announced that as part of the TV series, the brand will accumulate all products owned by Fox and ABC Studios.

As for the pictures, future subscribers may be waiting for products like “Deadpool”, “Logan”, “The Shape of Water”, “Kingsman”.

Note that in the United States, Disney + is released as the Star + Free tab within. In Latin America it will be a separate paid service.

Below, look at the main series that should leave a list of sites:

Amazon Prime Video:

  • Hi I Meet Your Mom
  • Gray physique
  • X file
  • 24 hours
  • Prison break
  • Lost
  • Happiness
  • The modern family
  • Family guy
  • Sons of anarchy
  • This is the U.S.
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