Amazon: Tried the new Fire TV user interface.

Amazon: Tried the new Fire TV user interface.

The new surface of the Fire TV stick looks very regular.

B.The night of the festival has another important moment for TV fans. It did not come from Santa Claus, but from Amazon. Companies Gradually Fire TV brings a new user interface to the sticks. Calling you to find out. Haven’t you got an update yet? No problem! We drove the wire and looked around.

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Fire TV: New interface, new homepage

Noticeable immediately after the update: Amazon has completely redesigned the homepage. The hopeless mess of the series, installed apps and streaming services is over at first glance. Instead, you see in front of you an important point that the mail order company considers particularly valuable. The menu items “Media Center”, “Home”, “Search” and “Live” can be found directly below. However, it is much easier for Amazon users to provide instant access to their favorite apps in the right-hand menu. Netflix, YouTube or the ART Media Library are just a few clicks away. Best: Users do not have limited choices on Amazon and can rearrange the order as they wish.

The Media Library integrates visual listing and shopping content

The media library is self-explanatory. Here you will find pictures and series that you have digitally purchased or rented from Amazon. The watch list for Prime Video is also parked here. In short, everything you want to see (otherwise it would not be on your shopping list or watch list) is here.

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Search: Discover additional options

In an earlier version of the operating system called FireOS, you were allowed to search under “Search” using the remote control on the virtual keyboard. Now it’s easy. Under “Search” you will now see a custom menu. Here you can choose whether you are looking for a movie, series or content for the whole family. In the second step you can refine your search. FireOS recommends a genre called comedy or action. Alternatively, you can search directly in the main categories of Documentaries, Westerners, Fiction Science and Co-op. Good: Users can filter results based on content that is free. Alternatively, FireOS shows a colorful mix of content and content purchased from other streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + or Apple TV Plus.

Live: I watch TV!

The name gives it. Live TV content can be viewed live. However, this only applies to traditional cable TV to a certain extent. Instead, FireOS collects content directly from services such as ZDF Mediathek, Joyn, Waipu.TV, or Amazon channels such as Eurosport Player. It is not always possible to dive straight into the current program. Instead, FireOS opens the first connected application. However, this does not affect the viewing experience.

Alexa should not be seen

If Amazon says so, Alexa is not far off either. Of course, the Smart Assistant is still a part of Fyos after the update. But she is acting a little more cautiously than before. For example, if you ask about a weather forecast, you will no longer receive a screen forecast. Instead, it takes place in the lower third of the weather screen. The weather report will also disappear after a few seconds. So you can see a football game in progress. Virtual! You can also control the interface with a voice command, for example to Alexa: “Go to Media Library”. Of course, you can still count on an intelligent helper looking for broadcast content. As always, it works well sometimes high and sometimes low. Amazon plans to do even more here early next year. With the new “Discover Alexa” function, you can track smart home devices.

Everything in profile

Also new: User profiles for the Fire TV stick are now available. So far, they are only a part of the Prime video app. Pros: The respective user can enter his personal watchlist and display the content he left out. You can switch with the remote control or learn your voice profile with Alexa. Change profile to “Company” using the “Alexa, switch to my profile” command.

Where is the whole thing?

The Fire TV interface has now been upgraded to 3rd generation Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV Stick Lite. Other Fire TV devices will be monitored later. If you do not want to wait for the system to download a separate update, you can check the settings, about, and updates under My Fire TV to see if the update is already available.

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