AMD Radeon RX6800 (XD): Dealers take an in-depth look at the delivery situation

While many buyers are waiting for their “Big Navi” graphics cards to be delivered, the online retailer offers Proshop Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070 with detailed insight and reference about its distribution status and availability of AMD Radeon RX6800 XD and RX6800 (tested) in custom design.

Only in large navi “homeopathy” doses

After Ampere and Zen3, (potential) buyers are no different from AMD’s latest graphics card series, the Radeon RX6800 series and the Big Navi. Whether the Radeon RX6800 XD and 6800 with Navi-21 GPU, based on the new RTNA-2 architecture with a specific design or custom design, such as Red Devil and Nitro + (tested), are sold Available in very limited quantities only and above the manufacturer’s recommended retail price (RRP).

This image also reflects the current situation of the Danish retailer Proshop, which again provided detailed information about its distribution status:

Radeon RX6800XD Delivery Status
Delivery condition Radeon RX6800

Accordingly, Proshop currently has 573 orders for the Radeon RX6800 series, none of which can be handled. Currently only 22 graphics cards are purchased, which can then be issued to customers. The retailer ordered a total of 4,122 graphics cards from wholesalers.

Objectively, the situation with the Radeon RX6800 series seems to be much more surprising than the GeForce RTX3000 series. The retailer did not even receive reference models from some manufacturers and Asus, Gigabyte and MSI did not even put a price tag on some of their models.

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