“Amen e woman [amulher]”. Controversial Opening Prayer in the North American Congress – The Observer

“Amen e woman [amulher]”.  Controversial Opening Prayer in the North American Congress - The Observer

It would be a prayer that would go unnoticed if it were not in the way it ended. Democrat Pastor and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver is at the center of a controversy after concluding his 117th congressional opening prayer last Sunday With the words “Amen and Woman”, In an attempt to play gender neutrality.

We ask in the name of the One God. God is known by many names and by many different beliefs. Amen and female [amulher, em inglês]Said Cleaver Writes Independent.

On Twitter, the congressman shared his prayer and his video Tweet This was the starting point for many reviews to be made by the users of these social networks. Some of them left the Republicans with harsh criticism The word “Ámen” has a feminine or masculine gender, but in Latin it means “remain so”.

One Republican congressman for Pennsylvania, Guy Rachentler, was one of those who took to Twitter to remember exactly this: “Amen is the Latin word for ‘stay that way’. This is not a gender term [men em inglês significa homem]”. “Unfortunately, the facts are irrelevant [Democratas] Progressives. Incredible, ”he wrote.

American actor and comedian Matt Walsh also criticized the congressman for finishing the prayer. On Twitter, “Amen is a Latin word meaning ‘really’ or ‘let it be so.'”Woman is a meaningless word, it is nothing“,” He defended Democrats are finding a way to fool it And meaningless ”. “Complete clowns. They are all, ”he concluded.

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