American Community Leader Says Trump Is Backed By Portuguese Who “Forgot Where They Come From”

American Community Leader Says Trump Is Backed By Portuguese Who "Forgot Where They Come From"

The Portuguese immigrated to the United States for more than 50 years José Morais estimated, in an interview with the Lusa agency, that many Portuguese support Donald Trump because “They forgot where they came from”.

“First of all, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, nor a socialist, nor of the PSD, nor of any party. My party is the people, it has always been and will continue to be as long as I walk ” said José Morais, businessman and one of the eminent personalities of the Portuguese community of Manassas, in the state of Virginia, just over 50 kilometers from Washington.

José Morais, from a family that immigrated to the United States 52 years ago and settled in Manassas, after passing through New Bedford and Long Island, said Donald Trump would have won the November election against his competitor Joe Biden “If I spoke a little less”.

For the Portuguese-American, the last few months have shown a president who “Probably lost my mind”, together with “The whole family” to the White House.

“We have a lot of Portuguese who have forgotten where they came from, in our community here, (…) because most of them were not yet born at the time of Salazar and did not know what what was a dictatorship “thought José Morais.

The immigrant to the United States added that “What Trump was trying to do is nothing more or less than a dictatorship he wanted to put in place”, taking advantage of the strong dedication of supporters who are like a “A cult that unfortunately has no place in this country or in any country in the world”.

For the Portuguese businessman, what the outgoing president has been up to lately “Unjustified”, “But everyone supports whomever they want and with whom they feel better”.

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Donald Trump remains President of the United States until noon Wednesday (5:00 p.m. in Lisbon), when Joe Biden must be sworn in, in a ceremony with strong security measures.

“This president, if he spoke a little less, he would win again”, considered the Portuguese.

Trump entered the presidency four years ago with a scenario of economic growth and comes away with an economy in crisis, which will be one of Biden’s difficulties, he said.

As a Portuguese-American citizen, José Morais defended: “we are not what we showed on the 6th”, referring to the invasion of the Capitol in Washington by thousands of Trump supporters, which left six dead .

In addition to political preferences, “The community is very unitedIn Manassas, defended José Morais, explaining that the city, located on the outskirts of the country’s capital, has also evolved with the changes in Washington.

In the event of recessions, the region’s economy “Is affected a year later and recovers a year before“Compared to the rest of the country, analyzed José Morais, emphasizing electoral periods.

Since Washington is the nation’s capital and the place where members of Congress from across America meet and debate policy and legislation, all MPs and government officials have offices and housing around them.

Coming from all over America, Senators and Members of Congress come from everywhere and families come and employees come after them ”, described José Morais.

“Thousands of thousands of people come every four years (…) to the community in general, around Washington”, although the interim elections every two years also cause some movement, but not as much.

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And even when the terms of MPs and government officials are over, few leave Washington in a short time to return to the states they came from.

“So there has to be a house to put them in, there has to be food and services … That’s the difference in many states.” where migration stagnates, the businessman has continued to justify the stability of the Portuguese-American community of Manassas, which lives mainly on civil construction, with many construction companies founded by Portuguese immigrants in the United States .

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