American Traditions: Why Thanksgiving is as important as Christmas in the United States

American Traditions: Why Thanksgiving is as important as Christmas in the United States

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. However, this time around many people want to stay home because of the corona – and celebrate in an unusual way.

Are they thankful? Edgar Lironzo laughs. “No, we celebrate in pajamas. This is for us. The 48-year-old is survived by his wife, two daughters and himself. Long Island on the east coast of the country is not usually home to twelve to 16 people with family
United States
Come together to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

They are decorated as always and there is plenty to eat as always. Yet this time everything was different with Lironzos and many families in the country.

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing

It is important to thank Americans
Or Independence Day. The
On the fourth Thursday in November. Many take long weekends, meet relatives and friends, and eat turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin. Before the banquet, they say thank you for being blessed – everyone is gathered at the table. This area will be avoided for many families affected by the epidemic.

Edgar Lironso receives the white electric roster from the kitchen cupboard. “It fits eleven kilos of turkey,” he says. The family is thankful together. Lironzos is concerned about the community. About the rest of the meal, says a tall family man with short shaved hair and a gray beard. He laughs. “It’s the best thing to say thank you: we continue to eat the next day.”

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Every guest brings something to thank

Usually each guest brings something, salad, dessert or bread, which is broken at the beginning of dinner. There are only four seats on this year’s dining table – large felt leaves. Orange-red garlands and garlands adorn the door frames and wooden rails from the first floor.

But only until Friday morning. On Black Friday, when the shopping season for Christmas traditionally begins, the Lironzos pick up their Christmas decorations. There are already angel lights behind the TV in the living room.

On Thanksgiving evening, families watch football during the Thanksgiving parade on the Macy Department Store, which airs from New York. It’s the most popular competition in the country, and usually stretches for about four kilometers through Manhattan – taller than a family home with floats, artists and giant cartoon character balloons.

Brave participants in the parade.

Built by: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez, D.P.A.

This time the show is only available as a TV show without an audience. For the first time in 94 years, the Detroit March will almost certainly take place. Other cities such as Chicago and Houston have also canceled their moves.

Indigenous people do not celebrate. According to them, the modern Thanksgiving story is different from the feast that children often play at school disguised as immigrants and Indians. The short school edition is as follows: The Pilgrim Fathers, English settlers in 1620, now arrived in Massachusetts aboard the Mayflower. Friendly Indians greet them and show them how to grow crops and survive in the region. They seal their friendship in 1621 with a feast. The colonies of New England were growing and bringing freedom and democracy to the country.

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Tribes celebrate National Mourning Day

As for the natives, the story goes like this: The Wambanok tribe helps starving strangers survive. Thankfully, the British are stealing their land, committing genocide and oppressing the locals – now celebrating their shock every year. Finally, not least, the Europeans brought plagues and caused epidemics, which almost wiped out the Wambanok tribe.

Fear of infection will determine the year 2020 as well. Nevertheless, the “New England Indians” are treating this Thursday as if they were celebrating their National Day of Mourning for fifty years, and marching through Plymouth, Massachusetts, to remember their fate and protest against the ongoing persecution.

Thanksgiving is not a reason for tribes to celebrate. They lost their country.

Built in: Travel Nevada, DPA

Other parts of the country wonder: Holiday travel or not? In 2019, 55 million Americans did, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), America’s largest transportation company. This time it will be significantly lower, with more than a million new corona cases reported in the last seven days alone. Meanwhile, more than twelve million Americans are infected with the virus, nearly 260,000 or more

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that families stay home and watch video calls. Anyone traveling must observe the restrictions applicable in the respective state. Many require a negative Govt-19 test upon entry. The queues in front of the test centers from California to Connecticut were correspondingly long. In New York, people paid volunteers up to $ 80 an hour.

Epidemiologists celebrate Thanksgiving at home

The New York Times More than 600 U.S. He asked epidemiologists how they spend their vacations. 79 percent have a celebratory meal at home or none at all. Some people like to exchange side dishes with friends and then eat alone. Others decided on uniform isolation rules to thank all festival participants after 14 days.

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Health expert Anthony Fassi also wants to see his children. But they lived in three different states and had to fly, the 79-year-old told the broadcaster CBS News. The risk is high.

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