Among us: Artist redesigns Super Smash Brothers characters.

Imagem de: Among Us: artista reimagina personagens em Super Smash Bros.

The artist Onyx shared on his social networks that this is a fun redesign Among us, Turns the popular multiplayer title into a shortcut Super Smash Brothers., Gives Nintendo.

In pictures posted by Twitter users, team members can now be seen having special combat skills just like fighting games, and can bring a lot of notes about maps, missions and actions. Among us For complex commands Super Smash Brothers., But in a very simple way, almost like an exercise. Check the result below.

Fraudsters to neutralize threats and prevent them from being caught Among us Now they can make combos in the air and on the ground, use landscape elements such as vents, fuel, sparks and keys (with skins!), And trigger dash dynamics to hoard competitors while manipulating the ship and game participants.

Well, everything is a creative work of imagining a shortcut between popular games, but no wonder Nintendo puts Innerslot astronauts on floating maps. Super Smash Brothers., Like countless other characters.

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