Amora helped Olhanens have lunch before the game against Vittoria de Cetabel

Amora helped Olhanens have lunch before the game against Vittoria de Cetabel

The good relations between Amora and Olhanens allowed the Algiers to take advantage of Vitoria de Cetabel this Sunday, just hours before the departure of the Portuguese football championship, at a competitor’s catering service for lunch.

The group, led by former Dutch international Edgar Davids, had lunch at the “Tour” area of ​​the Alcazar do Sal service station in Autocestra do Sul (A2), for a third Portuguese competitive bracket opponent on a meal usually served by a service provider.

The gesture of solidarity with Alcorve is that he will face the Serie H leader who was chased by the club on the south bank of the Dagas “nothing”, which is 13 points behind the ‘Satinos’, but with less than four games left, promising Aurora’s president to Lusa.

“If it’s Louletano or Moncarabachenes or something else, we’ll decide,” Carlos Henriques assured.

Shortly afterwards, Olhanens scored the third draw in 15 games in the Serie H match of the Portuguese Championship, which the Satinos lost by 39 points.

So the “good relations” between the two icons solved a problem for Olho’s “lions”, the Amora leader explained, at one point, due to the Kovit-19 epidemic, all the clubs of the Third National level had “great difficulties” getting food on a competitive day.

“Restaurants are afraid to open to feed a football team because there are usually a lot of positive cases associated with teams. They are all closed. We [Amora]For example, when we went to Ovora, we had to eat in the field, “said Carlos Henriques.

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For this reason, the leaders of the Olkensons “remember to call” and Amora provided the catering company where he usually works to solve the problem for Alcarve.

As Amora is not yet on hand for travelers from Algara to Chetabal, SAD do Amora’s Director General Muro de Almeida also confirmed food transportation to the Alcazar do Sal service area. Revealed by Carlos Henriques.

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