Amorim reconnects with his guide Jesus ::

Amorim reconnects with his guide Jesus ::

Let’s move on to the 2006/07 season. After a good campaign in Unio de L லீria, George Jesus went to Balancens, with the intention of reviving a group that was in it. Comes from the struggle for maintenance. This time, it was part of it Blues cast… Robin Amorim.

This is the first event in the seven seasons the duo have worked together: two in Balansens, five, and later in Benfica. During this time, the 66-year-old coach admitted to having “some problems” with his alumnus, who confirmed this about three years ago in an interview. Tribune Express.

Others I had many problems with George Jesus just like everyone else. He is a coach who is tiring, always with a lot of intensity, tactical information, very perfect. I worked with him for many years, (…) but fHi always the coach’s relationship with the player», Agreed.

Robin Amorim is an important part of George Jesus’ first visit to Benfica Carlos Alberto Costa

As expected, George Jesus now had the great influence of coach Robben Amorim. In statements to the newspaper RegistrationWhen Amorim was nominated as the head of SC Prague, JJ recognized this aspect of the former Portuguese international, saying he had personality, a leader profile and strong ideas.

Retrieving interview with Tribune Express, The young coach, acknowledged that the current leader of the Reds has shaped and influenced himself, both in his ideas of sports and coaching, as well as in his personality as a coach.

A If you ask me which coach affected me the most as a potential coach, it was him. When you spend seven years of your career with him, you will be marked. (…) It is obvious that my demand level is like his, yet I will not be a coach like George Jesus. We have different patterns, but I think it will be hard in the sense of boring, because I can not hide things, he said.

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181 games, 118 wins and 10 titles

Robben Amorim and George Jesus win 10 titles at Benfica Carlos Alberto Costa

Reflecting on the numbers, this seven-year ‘partnership’ between George Jesus and Robben Amorim paid off. When we look at the number of games they both played, we get 181 games, Most of them for the championship (121), Followed by the Portuguese Cup (19) And Europa League (17).

To understand the importance of the former midfielder / right defender in the strategy of George Jesus, we can see that Robben Amorim was the starter in 124 of the 181 meetings and contributed with six goals, all of them at the domestic level.

Looking at the more general statistics, we see that there were 118 hits, which was reflected in 10 titles, i.e. only two out of two Career topics Current Sports Coach George Jesus was absent (League Cup 2008/09, By Benfica, led by Quick Flores, and League Cup 2012/13, When the midfielder was appointed to SC Prague)

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