Android 12 comes with an updated design!

Android 12 Material NEXT

There has been more and more information about the new Android 12 over the last few days, and it looks like it will bring a lot of news to millions of users of the Google operating system.

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One of the innovations invented by the XDA Developers team is “Material Next”, the name chosen to categorize the new design lines to be implemented in the new version of Android.

So, considering that they have decided to implement a new name, we are already guaranteed that there will be many new features and we will be able to see the complete update of the entire interface on Android 12.

The published pictures show us some of the signs we can expect in this new interface. However, it should be noted that these may be the initial stage of implementation as major changes are expected until the arrival of the final version of Android 12.

The new notification bar is very detailed, which again makes it completely opaque and shows more rounded lines with its covers. Additionally, the buttons for expanding notifications are different, displaying one, indicating the number of notifications that have been collected.

In the image that presents the main screen, the implementation of new widgets can be very useful. There will be many users comparing this functionality to what Apple has created on iOS, but it will definitely be well received.

Details about which widgets will be available have not yet been released, but Android 12 will allow you to create standard widgets for very different applications.

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Finally, we can observe the implementation of a pallet of neutral pastel colors, which can be modified according to the wallpaper to be used. This is a feature that helps to create greater harmony of colors, regardless of the wallpaper you want to be active on your smartphone.

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Via: XDA Developers

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