Android TV gets a new look, which prepares you for the future

Android TV gets a new look, which prepares you for the future

Google today announced the new interface of Android TV, the operating system of Smart TV. It’s not a major alignment, but it brings it even closer to Google TV.

It has been reported that this interface update will affect smart TVs and boxes installed on the Google operating system. Readable devices for this update should start viewing news soon.

The updated Android TV divides its interface into three sections

This update sets the stage for what the future holds for smart TVs with the Google operating system. The company is bringing Android TV closer to Google TV, which will result in a smoother transition when replacing the previous one.

In this sense, the Android TV interface is divided into three sections: Home, Find and Utilities. These will create a selected section of content so that the user can easily and efficiently find what they want.

You will continue to find information on the homepage that you used to connect your TV to Android TV. You can find your favorite apps or content to watch next, however, in an arrangement similar to what’s happening on Netflix right now.

The second type, called Discover, is a place where you can see new content and is ideal when you do not know what to look for. Here you will find suggestions based on what you usually see and current Google trends.

Android TV

Last but not least, you will have the Applications tab. Explainably, this will be the place where you can easily access all the apps installed on your TV through Android TV.

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Android TV

Despite this announced approach on Google TV, the most coveted feature of the flagship on Android TV will not continue. I’m talking about display lists.

When will this update come?

Google says this design redesign will come this week for compatible models in Australia, Germany, Canada, the US and France. In the coming weeks, it will be available in other markets where Portugal is expected to be included.

As for compatible tools, Google does not specify software dependencies. It remains to be seen whether there will be any limits to accepting this new interface or whether all users will be treated to it.

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