Android TV gets the update with a close interface with Google TV

Android TV gets the update with a close interface with Google TV

Google announced the redesign on Android TV last Wednesday (3) to improve the user experience. In other words, it’s like a Google TV clone. No, the two systems are not one; Android TV is a platform designed and developed specifically for TVs, while Google TV focuses on changing the device’s own software interface.

The differences are explained, let’s go to Android TV, which is now like Google TV extension. The operating system now brings better innovation features with three new tabs: Home, Discover and Apps. These new tabs at the top of the screen help users quickly navigate to a page with their apps and services, discover new ones, and explore content in a section dedicated to innovation.

The highlight of these new guides is precisely the Discover page. One of the best things about the Android TV layout is that it already allows you to view relevant content from each of your personal apps on the home screen – for example, watch series and show thumbnails from Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and many more services.

The good news is that this has not changed, but is gaining traction with Discover. With this new tab, Google claims to bring more customized content suggestions to Android TV users based on what you see and Google’s own trends. Think of it as an organized referral tool that can center everything in one place.

Updates for TVs running Android OS in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United States began to be released this week. According to Google, more countries will receive updates in the coming days. Here, I have never seen messages for my Android TV devices.

Note that this Android TV update is not a duplicate of the Google TV found on the Chromecast, which includes guides for movies, programs, and live TV. However, the update makes it a little easier to find something to look forward to, especially for those of us who have subscribed to multiple services.

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