Android TV: The latest update like Google TV!

Android TV: The latest update like Google TV!

Google Introduces New Update On Android TV. So, this update brings a new look to your TV. Therefore, the new design will be almost identical to the software interface Google TV On Google’s latest Chromecast. The new interface updates the look along the same lines as the Google TV. Additionally, it adds panels for scrolling content highlighted at the top of menus, leaving very large icons for the least.

Android TV – Home

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What’s new on Android TV

There are still some differences between Chromecast’s Google TV interface as opposed to the updated Android TV. So, the new menu has three main tabs: Quick Access to Home, Apps and Channels. Applications, as a dedicated zone to find your applications. The new Discover tab also provides customized recommendations for TV shows and movies with Google’s popular content. Just like having the “for you” tab on Google TV.

Android TV
Android TV – Discover

On the other hand, the “for you” tab mentioned above is used as a splash screen on Google TV. Also, interestingly, it shows customized content like movies, series and apps instead of showing them in one place. It also makes it easy to access content through the Library tab, which is not available on Android TV.

In short, it is a nice refresh and very pleasant. It helps bring Google’s TV platforms to a wider range of similarities. However, it is a little strange that Google TV and Android TV are separate products and with different interfaces at the moment. The new updated Android TV interface will begin shipping today on Android TV OS devices in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany and France. In addition, we will get more countries following the same path in the coming weeks.

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Finally, the features of the provided interface may vary from country to country, which we should keep in mind. I can only say goodbye from my experience on a new Chromecast with Google TV. The interface is very functional, intuitive and simple compared to the current Android TV.

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