“AndroSec” on Microsoft web browsers – warns of attacks by digital

"AndroSec" on Microsoft web browsers - warns of attacks by digital

Users of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox should be aware: the malicious code “Androsek” is on the way! U.S. software company Microsoft warns that if it hits the web browser, you will see additional ads while browsing the web. Malware has been around since May.

Anyone who downloads popular Windows programs contaminated with malware from non-manufacturer sites activates “AndroidSec”. It affects the detection of the installed browser.

Detecting malicious code is not easy, the Austrian “Kronen Zeitung” reports: “Security functions and auto-updates are disabled in infected browsers, and standard settings for the homepage and preferred search engine are changed, thus spending as much money as possible on cleaning up their developers’ cash records.” ”

For example, additional ads for suspicious pages will be displayed during searches that pay “Androsek” developers.

In addition, browser crash updates and security precautions will further ensure that malware finds its way into the system, explains Microsoft IT security experts.

To avoid large-scale fraudulent propaganda, a program should only be downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website. If the browser displays an unusually large number of ads, a virus scan should be performed.

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