Andy Cohen in the future of pump rules after the expulsion of Jax and Brittany

Andy Cohen in the future of pump rules after the expulsion of Jax and Brittany

According to Andy, this pair will definitely be missed.

“I have to leave it to them … especially the Jax,” Andy said on his radio show. “Jax created so much story, drama, dialogue in his eight years on the show. It’s a run for him. He will go down as one of the biggest reality stars of their moment. It’s an incredible flow for them.”

Andy explained that Jax was created for the best TV and was a “good game” about everything.

“One thing I always, and always will appreciate about Jax, is every time he came See what happens, He was always in the middle of some storms on the show, “Andy noted.” We would fry him mercilessly, and he always took it like a man. I mean, he … a good game. “

“He said, ‘How are you going to be with me today?’ As I say, ‘This is bad … you cheated on your girlfriend, or you said X, Y and Z … everyone gets angry at you,’ he added. “So there were always things we faced with him. He took it.”

However, Andy may see both of them on the small screen in the future because Jax is already thinking about his next project. “How about a spinoff …,” the 41-year-old star replied to one of her followers on Instagram. “Wonderpump Kids. “

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