Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, explain how the Chiefs attack has changed over Bills.

Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, explain how the Chiefs attack has changed over Bills.

You know it and we know it. Kansas City Chiefs It depends on the passing play.

During the first five weeks of the season, Kansas City passed the ball with 60% of the offense snap. But on monday Buffalo bill. For the first time this season, the Chiefs not only played a lot more than passing the ball, more The ball ran for 63% of aggressive play than flipping the season average.

Was it part of the game plan because of Buffalo’s steady rain on Monday afternoons and evenings? Was it due to the change in the offensive line that started with the center change? Austin Ryder With veteran Daniel Kilgore? Is that because that’s how the game works?

After the match, Chief Coach Andy Reid said, “That’s what I’m talking about. So I thought last week-especially in the second half, didn’t give the players enough opportunities.”

Lead to play week 5 Las Vegas Pirates, Chiefs hit the ball at the lowest percentage of the season, 30%.

Reid said, “So we wanted to make sure we were the best when we had some kind of balance.” “When you can go back and forth, it puts tremendous pressure on your defenses. So we were able to do both and felt we needed both in this game.”

However, at least some of the game scripts that run a lot are simply Was working.

“Obviously we’ve requested pass play a few more times,” said the quarterback. Patrick Ma Holmes“I mean, we always do, but when we looked at how deep their line backers, safety and corner kicks were, we knew they had a run game.”

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Mahomes told reporters that he needed his own adjustments.

“It was definitely different,” he said. “I have called several RPOs. And I had to keep telling myself not to throw it away and keep handing it over. Clyde Edwards-Heller I was running well [the] The o-Line was blocking well and I just want to win. I don’t care how it happened. Pass, run, defend-whatever [it] I found a way.”

It reminded him of something as the game progressed.

“Kind of goes back to college Texas Tech,” he recalled. “We are falling eight times and the linebacker is 6 or 7 yards deep. If the team does that [we’ve] We had to play football until they came up and when they come up we will throw football again. We’re going to prove that state as it’s a versatile attack that can do everything.”

Was it because of the raining game plan? Or was it because of a change in the offensive line? Or how did the game go?

Yes. I did.

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