Angola deliberately recovers 4.3 billion euros in cash and goods – Angola

Angola deliberately recovers 4.3 billion euros in cash and goods - Angola

The Angolan Attorney General (PGR) today announced a total recovery of $ 5.3 billion (4. 4.3 billion) in cash and assets and 1,522 cases related to economic crime.

Holder Pita Cruise, who delivered his message today ahead of the festive season, estimated the $ 2.6 billion ($ 2.1 billion) in recovered items, including assets in homes, offices, buildings, factories, port terminals and companies.

According to the Angolan PGR, thousands of cases have been opened across the country on the basis of “fight against punishment”, with very different jurisdictions and functional areas of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) highlighting 1,522 cases related to economic-criminality. Finance and stock.

Among the processes related to crimes of an economic and financial nature, fraud, money laundering, gaining undue benefits, economic involvement in business, active and passive corruption and fraud for committing fraud stand out.

The attorney general also announced the confiscation of movable and immovable property set up with public funds or criminal benefits, equivalent to approximately $ 4.2 billion ($ 3.4 million) in factories, supermarkets, buildings, real estate, homes, and hotels.

Holder Pita Cruz also said that PGR’s National Asset Recovery Service (SNRA) had asked its colleagues abroad to seize and / or confiscate $ 5.4 billion in assets and cash. Euro 4 billion), ie Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, United Kingdom, Singapore, Bermuda.

“With the aim of strengthening the technical prowess of public prosecutors, a manual preparation of good practices for public prosecutors has been prepared in the instruction, which is in line with the new penal codes and criminal procedures,” he said.

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He said that in the field of human resource management of Angolan PGR, there has been a significant increase in the number of judges in the direction of provincial bodies and currently five provincial bodies and six central administrations are run by women.

At least 70 judicial auditors have completed their curriculum and theatrical training at the Angolan National Judicial Institute (INJ) this year and are awaiting appointments as attorneys for the Office of the Attorney General “to alleviate manpower shortages.”

Holder Pita Cruz said that as a result of “hard work” with competent organizations, about 672 government employees at PGR benefited from the innovations in their respective categories, in line with the measures taken in 2020.

By 2021, the company expects to complete the call to nominate 12 new Deputy Attorney Generals of the Republic to “better respond to job requests at the highest level”.

Angolan PGR pledged to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with sovereign organizations and similar foreign entities: “In a world of increasingly complex and globalized nature, we will not succeed if our performance is isolated”.

In this connection, 16 fraudulent letters have been sent to countries such as the United States, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa and Namibia, seven of which have already been completed.

“We have received 82 fraudulent requests for treatment from Portugal, Brazil and Namibia. The Angola Attorney General’s Office has already completed and returned 11 fraudulent letters,” he said.

Halter Pita Cruz called for the strengthening of materials, technology, equipment, installations and human resources to “improve its performance and excel in its service to society.”

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During the event, an email address was also provided to the Portal of the Attorney General of the Republic of Angola:

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