Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gets Another Update Next Month

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gets Another Update Next Month

Animal Crossing: Big 1.5 in New Horizons Autumn update We are adding Halloween events and other new fall-themed content to the game, but more will be added this season. Nintendo has confirmed that another Animal Crossing update is due to arrive in late November and it looks like it will add two more big seasonal events.

Nintendo hasn’t yet shared details about the November update, but this announcement came with images of Franklin the Turkey and Jingle the Reindeer. The former hosts the series’Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving)’ event, and the latter appears on Toy’s Day (Christmas), so it seems like two public holidays are coming as part of the November update.

Nintendo hasn’t yet explained how the Harvest Festival or Toy Day event works in New Horizons, but in the previous part of the series, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Franklin used to send you to other townspeople to collect the culinary ingredients he was preparing. Toy Day was much more involved. You should talk with the villagers throughout December and record what they want to receive on Toy’s Day. Then, on December 24th, you need to dress up as Santa and deliver appropriate gifts to each resident.

Meanwhile, this week’s update adds Halloween, along with related DIY recipes, furniture, and other items. Not only can you buy candy at Nook’s Cranny throughout October, but you can also buy pumpkin starters to plant and grow. These pumpkins can be used in new DIY recipes to create Halloween themed decorations and other items.

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In addition to that, this week’s update Revisit a dream. Previously visited dream islands are displayed as part of the list, so you don’t have to re-enter your dream address every time you return. Nintendo has also released an update to the NookLink feature that allows you to use in-game reactions right from your smartphone app.

In addition to the next update Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Coming back this November. Amiibo card series 1 to 4 can be purchased again at retail stores. Each pack is $6 USD and contains 6 cards. You can use this card to invite villagers to live on the island or to take a picture in the game’s Photopia mode. Long sold out Animal Crossing-edition Switch console I started going back to some stores.

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