Another meteorite? Further boom was heard, and fireballs were spotted in upstate NY

Another meteorite?  Further boom was heard, and fireballs were spotted in upstate NY

Did you hear a boom last night in upstate New York? Did you see the light cut across the night sky?

If so, you are not alone.

Witnesses from Virginia to New York to Quebec reported fireball footage to the American Meteorological Association Monday night. A view came from Oswego County.

Video taken by a door bell camera in Oswego shows a glowing light in the night sky. Flash followed by loud, dramatic boom. The video, taken near Miller Street at 9:21 p.m., was posted on the Meteorological Association’s website by a witness.

Reports came in within a week Meteorite erupts in central New York. The The house shook, the sonic boom sounded like an explosion, Startling residents in central New York and beyond.

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Three fireball reports came in Monday night from Upstate New York. According to community records, they were about three hours apart: 7:31 pm, 8:30 pm and 9:20 pm.

The biggest string of fireball reports took place at 7:31 p.m. The meteor community received 155 reports from witnesses who saw a fireball in the sky – mostly in Ontario and Quebec – according to the meteor community records. Witnesses in Gateskills and Albany also saw light emanating from the sky.

An hour later, a second fireball event was reported to the Meteorological Association. Most of the 28 witness statements were in Pennsylvania. But a fireball sighting was made in the southeast of Courtland, according to community records.

The fireball sighting in Oswego was last submitted to the meteor community last night. So far, only one witness said he heard a boom and saw a light.

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Did you hear a boom in the sky last night in central New York or beyond, or did you see a flash of light? Let us know. You can also share photos or videos with our readers by sending them to [email protected]

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