Another QB’s’The year I was down is my career’

Another QB's'The year I was down is my career'

Aaron Rodgers is actually performing with a fantastic clip historically and is not ashamed of how well the team’s offense is performing.

Year 2 coach Matt LaFleur saw the Packers set a Super Bowl-era striker (38 points per game) record, producing at a pace that surpassed the 2013 Bronx’s 37.9 PPG. Their 2020 output increased by 14.5 points per game and 100 yards per game jump, and Rodgers owns a 128-point North Passer rating.

He’s been the fourth player since 1948, having passed 12 or more touchdowns, zero blocking over four, and the third player in the last eight years. He’s also the second to throw 12 pass touchdowns in the first four matches.

Rodgers was refreshingly blunt when I asked Rodgers or Packers about the idea that a match might have a decline in the past season, although it’s not a match down.

“Every team is different and every year is different,” Rodgers said. While appearing on The Pat McAfee Show. “The circumstances that make you more successful or harder to succeed in any year depend on the situation. It definitely helps you get into second grade. It feels a lot more comfortable, but I laugh sometimes. Most quarterbacks are career years, so people get it. When you talk to me about the down year.”

The response sparked the roar of McAfee and his crew (including former Rams and Packers linebacker AJ Hawk), and Rodgers responded:

“It’s just true, bro.”

These packers don’t seem to slow down anytime soon and you should take them seriously from here.

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