Any pitch results in the best ‘shark tank’ deal

Any pitch results in the best ‘shark tank’ deal

According to billionaire investor Mark Cuban, when the “best deals” entrepreneurs in ABC’s “Shark Tank” made a unique product, he never thought to create it himself.

“There are 12-year-olds somewhere who have an idea to do things we never thought possible,” Cuban said. Question and answer session October 21 at the George W. Bush Center.

“That 12-year-old boy came up with an idea for a ‘shark tank’ or anywhere and said,” Why don’t I think about it? ” “Those are the best deals ever.”

Sharks are often present Invested in innovative pitches from young entrepreneurs On the show.

For example, Cuban In simple sugars, 000 invested 100,000, The fourth season of the show, a skin care company created by Loni Lazari. He was impressed with his preparation, and one of their simple sugars Millions of dollars Company.

He gave Lazarus his “Favorite Entrepreneurs“In 2017.

“When I invested, she was 19. When she was 11, she had eczema and wanted to come up with a natural-based scrub to help with her eczema,” Cuban told an Oxford union. question and answer In 2017. “Lani is my favorite entrepreneur because she’s so driven and she wants to have an edge.”

Although she did not invest, child entrepreneur Sophie Overton, Cuban was very impressed Then the 13-year-old took over his sock company In Season 11, and Ehon Comet, The 17-year-old chooses a roller to remove foot pain In season nine, he thought both of their products were innovative.

Cuban can relate to these young entrepreneurs because he is He started selling products as a child.

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“Aging Garbage bags house to house When I was 12, my dad told me the only way to get new basketball shoes was if I had a job, ”he said in the 2019 episode. GQ’s “Really Me.”

Throughout his teens, Cuban Resale baseball cards, stamps and coins. He also worked as a boxer and put up carpet, other “random jobs”, he said in 2019. In college, he hosted Cuban disco parties. Gave dance lessons To pay for his training.

So the Cuban is being sold “When an entrepreneur sees coming, [and] ‘Why don’t I think about it?’

Disclosure: CNBC holds exclusive off-network cable rights to “Shark Tank”.

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