Apple describes Epic’s Fortnite payment system as “theft, term.”

Fortnite An example showing an alternative payment system of "stealing" Epic Games.”/>
Enlarge / Apple says an example here. FortniteAlternative payment methods on iOS are “theft” by Epic Games.

Apple is going to attack The ongoing legal battle against Epic Games iOS version or higher Fortnite. on Broad application filed on Tuesday afternoon, Apple defends itself against Epic’s legal complaint Fortnite Producers of outright theft in breach of contract and counter action.

“Epic describes itself as the modern company Robin Hood, but it’s actually a multi-billion dollar company that doesn’t want to pay anything for the incredible value it gets from the App Store,” Apple wrote.

Who pays what?

In its own legal filing, Epic seeks the right to provide “competitive payment processing on iOS”, in part by browsing the in-app purchase system built into the iOS App Store. Epic tried this one-sidedly last month. Added discounted Epic Direct Payments option to iOS version Fortnite, Leading movement Apple completely bans Epic from App Store.

In addition to breaching the contract, Apple claimed that Epic’s direct payment addition was “just a theft” “Trojan horse”. By using a “hotfix” update method that is intentionally hidden from the normal App Store review process, Apple “reaps all the benefits of the Apple iOS platform and related services. [lining] Epic’s pocket at Apple’s expense. “

In the second half of the agreement, Apple said that Epic, which introduced direct payments to the game, was “theft, period”.

Epic has happily agreed to Apple’s terms and conditions for accessing iOS development since 2008, and has earned more than $600 million in App Store sales during that period. The fact that Epic no longer accepts the deal is that “Epic violates binding contracts, deceives long-time business partners, does not offer micro-commissions legally belonging to Apple, and then gives this court the most innovative business of the 21st century. Because the platform doesn’t maximize Epic’s revenue,” wrote Apple.

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The 30% iOS sales fee Epic was trying to solve was more than just a payment processing fee, Apple added. Instead, this fee “reflects the tremendous value of the App Store. It is more than the sum of its parts and includes Apple’s technology, tools, software for app development and testing, marketing efforts, platinum-level customer service, and developer distribution.’ And digital content.” This includes over 150,000 APIs created by Apple to facilitate iOS development. Metal Graphics API Epic itself has been praised in the past.

“The App Store is not a public utility,” Apple wrote in a letter to Epic in July about Epic’s request. Epic does not have the right to reap “all the benefits of Apple and the App Store without paying a dime.” Said the company.

No, you can’t have your own App Store.

on Own recent submission“We don’t force Apple to provide distribution and processing services for free, nor are we trying to enjoy Apple’s services without paying,” Epic said.

Instead, Epic says he wants “the freedom to use and deliver competing services instead of using Apple’s App Store or IAP,” from Apple’s hardware. Like on Windows PC. However, what Epic is saying is not possible because it is Apple’s exclusive control over all iOS software markets.

“It’s not a monopoly in the relevant market,” says Apple directly, saying, “Competition inside and outside the app store is fierce at all levels: it’s about devices, platforms and individual apps.” What’s more, Apple says, “To ensure that iOS apps meet Apple’s high standards for privacy, security, content and quality, there is a requirement that all iOS purchases go through the App Store infrastructure.”

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Apple cites Epic’s own case on other platforms as evidence of this need. When Epic started Android version distribution Fortnite In 2018, independently, Apple said, “Not only Android ads, but the site immediately appeared. Fortnite In addition, they have distributed malware in the game. ” security weakness This is evidence that iOS protection is required on independently distributed versions of Android.

“Apple hasn’t left it to developers to keep the iOS platform safe and secure, but Epic in particular has proven it can’t take on this type of responsibility,” Apple wrote.

In addition to compensation and punitive damages associated with breach of contract and other related breach, Apple is seeking orders that prohibit Epic from continuing to use its own external payment processing mechanisms. Existing copy of iOS version Fortnite Or future apps.

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