Apple designs face masks with a’unique’ look for retail employees.

Apple designs face masks with a'unique' look for retail employees.
  • Apple’s design team has created custom face masks for Apple employees.
  • The mask has a “unique” look, covering a large nose and chin, Bloomberg said.
  • Since the pandemic, Apple has been committed to providing healthcare workers with PPE such as face masks and protective films.
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vein. iPod. Iphone. iPad. Apple Watch. AirPods.

And now, Apple Face Mask.

The engineering team responsible for the iPhone and iPad designed a special face mask for Apple employees. Mark German of Bloomberg.

An image of the new mask has not yet been released, but Bloomberg’s report shows that Apple’s engineering and design department says “a large cover over the wearer’s nose and chin” and “adjustable string.” It will be three layers washed up to 5 times. can.

Apple designed the mask in Bloomberg with its existing personal protective equipment supply chain in mind, and took care not to disrupt the existing flow.

To the disappointment of some Apple fans, this mask was made for Apple’s corporate and retail employees, not for the general public. Masks will be shipped to employees over the next two weeks. We don’t know if Apple will distribute the mask more widely at this time.

In addition to custom-designed Apple Masks, we are distributing transparent surgical masks to our employees to help deaf customers better understand their employees’ faces. It is the first fully transparent surgical mask to be FDA approved, according to Bloomberg.

Apple face shield

A face shield designed by Apple for hospital workers.


This is not Apple’s first entry into the personal protective equipment game. In April, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said Apple is It will donate 20 million masks to healthcare workers across the United States. The tech company has also designed and produced face shields for hospital workers and plans to ship 1 million units per week.

Read Bloomberg’s original report on Apple Face Mask here.

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