Apple drops lawsuit against Brewer over its pear-shaped logo

Apple drops lawsuit against Brewer over its pear-shaped logo

Earlier this year, Precisely in August, that Apple Inc. for a company choosing its logo. Company, whose Name Your logo is registered under the name PrePear. Prepayer helps its customers prepare food and create shopping lists, available for both use Processor Save as much as you can Google Game Store.

Although the Prepier logo is a pear, Apple claims to have a very close resemblance to its own logo. Grandmaster Natalie Monson has accused Apple of blocking small businesses from having the financial strength to fight back. Technology In lengthy court proceedings. He stressed that the trademark of the pear logo is nowhere like the Apple logo Can Will damage the Apple brand. Therefore, the company handles thousands of dollars in accounts to support its security.

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According to court documents filed by Apple, the Pearl logo is designed to clearly reflect Apple’s globally acclaimed logo and may give the Briber an unfair business advantage. Money

Prepier Super Healthy Kids has already received more than 250,000 signatures on a petition asking Apple to drop the lawsuit, and it appears that the technology giant could fear a backlash if it insists on pursuing the lawsuit.

Cases related to Apple and Prep are expected to be adjourned for 30 days as both parties try to resolve the issue out of court. If an agreement is not reached before January 23, 2021, the process will continue Information. In addition, both parties may decide not to wait until that date and to resume legal proceedings at any time.

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