Apple fixes 3 iOS vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit

Imagem iPad mini 4 a atualizar versão iOS 14.4 de segurança

If you haven’t updated your iPhone or iPad yet, now is the time to do so. According to Apple, 3 bugs were found in iOS that may have allowed hackers to access the operating system to control older iPhones and iPods. Although something very specific, these issues are serious, and the company even had to launch a security update on Tuesday.

Yesterday, As we can see, Updates have been released for the company’s various operating systems. So, it is recommended to update your Apple devices now.

Apple introduces emergency solution to iOS vulnerabilities exploited by hackers

On Tuesday, the company a Link (Update package) An emergency after learning about the failures of an anonymous security investigator.

Apple is aware of reports that this issue could be seriously exploited.

Said in the company Technical information sharing About the issue.

Details of the vulnerabilities are scarce. But the first two failures, CVE-2021-1870 e CVE-2021-1871, Including WebKit, Safari browser engine and iOS Mail application. According to Apple, a "logical problem" can be used to get the webkit to run system code.

This suggests that an email or website created by a hacker could cause the iPhone to download a malicious application.

Third failure, CVE-2021-1782, Which is about the iOS kernel, controls the key contacts behind the operating system. An error in how the kernel works will allow the malicious iOS app to receive additional privileges.

The company’s description of each flaw states that hackers combine vulnerabilities to spread malware to victims. According to Apple, the failures have affected iPhones from the 6s and iPods, which goes as far as the iPod Air 2 and iPod Mini 4.

Fixes iOS 14.4 issues

According to reports, the fixes will come with iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4. To update your iPhone, go to Definitions> General> Software update. The device will automatically update if the automatic update option is enabled.

Apple's support document on vulnerabilities states that the company will provide additional details soon. However, we would not be surprised if attacks come from a group of government-provided hackers who want to spy on high-value targets.

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