Apple has filed a lawsuit against Telegram over its use of the parlor scandal

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Telegram over its use of the parlor scandal

Apple is subject to a new court case, now Alliance for a secure web (CSW) for not removing the telegram application at the same time as the attack on the parlor.

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According to CSW, WhatsApp’s popular competitor should also be removed from the App Store, for the same reasons.

In a petition filed in California District Court, the Telegram site continues to be used by extremists who use its services to plan illegal activities.

Capital robbery was organized not only in the parlor, but also in the telegram

In the aftermath of the events leading up to the Capitol attack in the United States, it was confirmed that the parlor was one of the main sites used to organize extremist movements.

This is the main reason why it was removed from the App Store (and from the Google Play Store), but Apple is now having trouble blinding itself to another responsible app.

As stated in it Alliance for a secure web.

The over-winner of all these controversies may be the signal

Between the removal of the parlor, the WhatsApp scandal, and now the removal of the Telegram from the App Store, the signal is all that could be a big winner in the midst of so much confusion.

After much controversy over the new WhatsApp information sharing rules, millions of users decided to leave the site and migrate to Telegram and Signal.

Now, if it is removed from the Telegram App Store, it will definitely translate into millions of users migrating from Telegram to Signal.

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Via: Washington Post

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