Apple iPhone has bad text notifications bug

Apple iPhone has bad text notifications bug

Even if you notice that you are receiving SMS texts and iMessages from people, if you do not get any notification about them, you are not alone. Far from it. I’m one of the many people who experience an annoying error when news comes in well – but it’s just a matter of waiting for a new message to be read without any pop-up notification or even the usual red badge.

Last month, Macroemers Wrote about increasing reports of the problem On the new iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max phones. But it seems to affect people with older iPhones as well, so it looks more and more like the iOS 14 issue. What’s even worse about the defect is that it doesn’t As always Will happen. I have noticed that some messages on my lock screen pop up as normal, but others are quietly not smart with me.

Those are great people Macroemers Thread tried to bring packages such as disabling messages on a Mac, or deleting and re-adding contacts. Some people notice notifications when they force the use of messages to close completely every time a text is sent. In other cases, missing notifications only occur for subsequent conversations, and deleting contacts seems tricky. There are widespread reports of success with these short-term revisions, but they do not work for everyone. There is even This 42 page thread on company support forums About the disappointments that are going on.

Problem handlers are disappointed that Apple has not yet released a complete solution. These are very basic things, and can cause some awkward conversations between couples or friends while sitting there for hours without the news recipient knowing. If you believe everything will be fine when iOS 14.3 is released next week, I will not be sure. Initial reports indicate that there have been no text-announcements – at least in some cases – in the development of iOS 14.3’s second candidate candidate, which Apple pushed into public beta testers yesterday.

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On the edge Apple has been approached for further information on the status of this error and the company’s plans to resolve it.

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