Apple is adding bigger airports

Apple is adding bigger airports

Apple’s completely wireless in-ear headphones have been very successful. At first they got without, and then the active noise was canceled. Now Apple is adding another type of headphones to its audio portfolio.

If the headphones are still hanging or stuck in the ears, the manufacturer has expanded its Airboats range to include a Bluetooth headset. The new model is called Airbots Max and comes with active noise suppression and digital sound enhancement in the market. These are Apple’s first over ears, with the exception of its subsidiary Beats.

An H1 audio chip and various microphones work on each side of the headphone. Among other things, they are busy measuring music signals in order to convert low and medium frequencies to orbital real time (adaptive EQ). Packed with chips and mics

In addition to noise suppression (ANC) other work for chips and microphones enables transparency mode in order to simultaneously listen to music and ambient noise, as well as 3D audio. It is a three-dimensional audio amplifier that depends on how the head or attached device is moved.

The manufacturer claims that the Apple Watch was inspired by a small rotary head (digital crown) on one ear to control volume, music playback and calls. Some sensors make sure the music stops when you remove the max – and restarts when you put it on. Additionally, headphones can automatically switch between Apple devices, for example, when listening to music on your MacBook and responding to a ringing iPhone. With mesh and double foam padding

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Airboats should be comfortable to wear thanks to the air permeable mesh fabric at the Max Temple. Ear pads are permanently fitted to the wearer’s ear (memory foam) contours to reduce the pressure on the ear. In addition, the ear cups can be adjusted individually on each side.

Even with enabled ANC or 3D audio, Apple claims up to 20 hours of battery life. When placed on the provided security card (smart case), the headphones automatically switch to standby mode. The Airboats Max is priced at less than 600 euros and is available in gray, silver, blue, green or pink from December 15.

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