Apple is trying to get an electric vehicle launch in 2020 –

Veículo elétrico da Canoo

Rumors about “Apple Car” Not stopped yet – even if some information is not exactly up to date. More specifically, I speak A new story On the edge In possible negotiations between Apple It is Canoe – a Start The company focused on electric vehicles – Apple is expected to promote the development of the vehicle (supposedly) by the beginning of 2020.

According to people familiar with the matter, the two companies discussed the possibility of investments and the acquisition of Cano by Apple last year. According to sources, Apple has been “widely interested in Canoe’s scalable electric vehicle platform” “Skateboard”.

Kanoo’s modular and scalable electric vehicle platform is designed to support a wide variety of vehicle applications for consumers and businesses, as well as integrate high car electronics devices for greater flexibility in cabin design.

At the beginning of the negotiations, Kanoo believed that the investment could be guaranteed from Apple, but with the diligence of negotiations, finally, a Start Connected With Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. IV raises $ 300 million for the production of Canoe vehicles.

In a statement, Canu said it “did not publicly comment on strategic discussions, relationships or alliances unless deemed appropriate” – an action similar to Apple’s, which declined to comment on the story.

Most recently, as we announced, a Hyundai It also confirmed that it was in talks to build an electric car Apple And, interestingly, the South Korean manufacturer worked with Canoe to build its electric vehicles before concluding the alleged deal with Apple.

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