Apple launches portal to remove activation lock on iPhone and iPod

Imagem iPhone com bloqueio de ativação

Apple has a tight security system. Therefore, when the iPad or iPhone user receives the message that his device is locked, the mechanism loses itself. In addition, existing information may be too general, which may not help those who have no access to the equipment. Now Cupertino has launched a new page on its website to help its users, which will act as a portal to “deactivate the activation module”.

The information is easy, but its purpose is to compile two or three paths on the same page to help when the iPhone or iPad is locked.

This page provides information on how users can disable the activation lock protection feature on iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch devices. This page contains a link to the Enforcement Prevention Support Request process in the United States.

This means users do not need to call Apple Support by phone, email or online chat.

Apple supports new website: So how does it work?

When you encounter a message that your iPhone is disabled, you can try how many times the system allows it, but you can reach a limit. Then you can get help on the portal Disable activation lock.

So, from here you can start removing the activation lock on iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. You can add the required details and request that Apple remove the activation lock from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch directly from the company's website.

Image of the website that helps the iPhone user to disable activation lock

Keep in mind that there are some prerequisites you need to be aware of. For example, you must be the owner of the device, the device must not be in Lost Mode or managed by a third party company such as a company. If you comply with these points, you can begin the process of removing the activation lock from your Apple gadget.

You will also be asked to enter your valid email and device serial number. You will receive a form that will allow you to prove ownership of the device. In addition, if you have the date of purchase of the device, the place where it was purchased and the receipt of the purchase must be provided.

As mentioned, the information provided will be used by Apple or an affiliate company to complete this process and remove the activation lock from your iPhone or iPod.

Image of the website that helps the iPhone user to disable activation lock

While recovering the device, one problem needs to be considered: once Apple removes the activation lock from your iPhone or iPod, all of your data will be permanently deleted. From now on, it is a good idea to have a backup of your device before starting the process.

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