Apple qualifies Wistron after exploited workers smash a building in India

Apple qualifies Wistron after exploited workers smash a building in India

To This is the second time in two months, Apple announces one of the companies hiring to build the iPhone for violating labor laws. Reuters, Bloomberg Others report that Apple has “qualified” the Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron – meaning that it will not receive any new business from Apple after it finds a supplier exploiting workers at a plant in India.

The reason we hear about this Rather incredible: Dec. There is video:

It now turns out that workers’ complaints are legitimate: How much Wistron agrees, And the local government in its initial investigation found serious labor violations, As stated in it South China Morning Post And Reuters. They claim that Wistron actually reduced wages and forced some to work overtime. That’s Wistron. The SCMP Police are also investigating intermediaries targeting Apple contract workers:

Police are investigating the role of six contractors who acted as co-bedwinners for Wistron, with allegations that middlemen are exploiting contract workers and reducing their wages. They are said to have lured workers by promising them extra pay if they see the break in advance.

The investigation revealed that 8,500 of the 10,500 workers at the Wistron factory were contractors rather than full-time employees, and that the plant may have been allowed to start with only 5,000 workers. (Wistron starts pairing iPhones in India Back in 2017.)

Wistron ApologizedIt has already established a “24-hour grievance hotline” and an “employee assistant program”, saying it will “improve its processes and restructure our teams to ensure that these issues do not recur”. The company says it has also laid off its business VP in India.

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Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The question now is whether Apple will do anything meaningful to prevent workers from exploiting its suppliers. The company has A long history associated with labor violations, And as the latest report suggests Apple turns a blind eye to them Even if you know there is a problem. Does Apple know about this?

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