Apple Store Black Silver Deals have been released, but finding the best prices on Apple Gear is here

Apple Store Black Silver Deals have been released, but finding the best prices on Apple Gear is here

The Apple Store Black Friday deals are here, and they are not much.

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Apple has announced its Black Friday weekend deals, which will run from Friday, November 27th Cyber ​​Monday, Nov. 30. As in previous years, there is a catch: New sales Offers little on the way to discounts on iPhones, iPods, Macs or similar accessories Apple TV, Airboats And Homework. Instead, you may receive an Apple 150 Apple Store gift card depending on the product.

The exact value of the gift card will vary, but you will need to purchase one to receive the full $ 150 gift card Intel-equipped MacBook Pro 16 inches Or 21.5 inch iMac. Other Max including New 13-inch MacBook Pro Those features Apple’s M1 chip, Not eligible. Neither the new MacBook Air, nor the Mac Mini, nor the larger 27-inch iMac or iMac Pro.

If you can still find the 13-inch Intel-equipped MacBook Air or the Intel-equipped 13-inch MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt ports, you can get a $ 50 Apple Store gift card. Since Apple has discontinued both models, you should find one of these in an Apple store.

Beyond the Max, most new Apple Gear gift cards are not eligible for advertising. You can get a gift 50 gift card IPhone 11, XR Or I know (So, the new iPhone 12 is not in line). Gift cards for iPods are limited to $ 50 for the iPod Mini or $ 100 for the iPod Pro, with no offers for the new iPad or iPod Air.

Apple does not refund dual Apple card, It did last year. This year the cashback rate seems to be at its usual 3%.

These ads are another reminder that the best Apple deals are always found outside of Apple’s own body or virtual store. A new set, for example, in the Apple Store Airboats ($ 159) or Airports Pro (9 249) You can get a $ 25 Apple Store gift card, but not a discount from the regular price. In contrast, Wood has already slashed the price of the Airports Pro $ 250 $ 190 now, And Walmart will offer them at 9,169 starting Wednesday, November 25th. Standard airports are currently available 9 119 on Amazon, And has dropped to $ 99 at online retailers in recent weeks. It saves between $ 59 and $ 80 on the Pro model and $ 40 on standard airplanes – both more than a $ 25 gift card and can only be redeemed later.

There are all major American carriers Ads for latest iPhones are running When Amazon is conducting deals Apple Watches (including the latest Series 6), iPods (Regular, New Air and Pros) and Intel MacBook Air (currently 100 off off Amazon, But it is priced at $ 150 earlier this week).

Apple has not created a complete list of which ads are easily accessible on its advertising page, but you can find it in the full list Here.

The best deals appear Full size homepage, This is your gift 100 gift card and Apple TV 4K, Which gives you a gift 50 gift card. Despite having a home pot, no product has seen the same level of discount in other stores this season Previously at Best Pie it was as low as $ 200.

After all, unless you want one of those two devices or want to buy something directly from Apple, it’s a good idea to shop elsewhere for deals on Apple products.

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