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Apple TV + is Apple’s response to streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video and more. The service does not yet have such a large table as its competitors, but it does invest heavily in original products. Check out what’s new on Apple TV + in January 2021.

Servant (Image: Background / Apple TV +)

Apple TV + News and Releases in January

The first shows of the month are marked by the new seasons of the service series.

Dickinson (Season 2) – January 8

Apple TV + News and Releases January

Dickinson (Image: Background / Apple TV +)

The series was created, directed and produced by Alena Smith and starred Hayley Steinfeld as executive producer. The series addresses debates about the gender and family standards of society from the perspective of young poet Emily Dickinson.

On the premiere date, the first three episodes of the series will be released and the rest will be released weekly. This strategy has already been used at another time, and the company wants to redo it in some content.

In this second season, Emily Dickinson is taken from her personal literary career and begins in public view, while at the same time realizing that seeking fame is a dangerous game.

Servant (Season 2) – January 15

The employee’s second season is one of the highlights of January on Apple TV (Image: Playback / Apple TV +)

M. Knight Shyamalan’s suspense series returns to its second season.

Following the end of the first season, following a more supernatural line, the series will continue with a dark future against Leanne as the eyebrows are raised and its true nature revealed.

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The second season has 10 episodes and opens on Friday, January 15th.

Worker Tells the story of a couple grieving after a family tragedy. It creates a start in your marriage and allows a mysterious force to enter.

Little America – 17D Genero

Apple TV + News and Releases January

Little America (Image: Playback / Apple TV +)

Little America The eight-episode series tells the stories of various immigrants and their experiences in the United States in an anthology format.

There are all sorts of stories, among other subjects, through the search for acceptance in the community, on various topics related to identifying immigrants with local cultural groups.

The series mixes chapters with wonderful elements and some chapters with very fun approaches.

Lost Alice – 21D Genero

Apple TV + News and Releases January

Losing Alice (Image: Background / Apple TV +)

Lost Alice It is a wonderful journey that uses resources such as “flashbacks” and “advances of time” to tell a complex story through the protagonist’s conscious and subconscious.

Alice, 48, in the series feels inappropriate after raising her children. After a brief encounter on a train, the young screenwriter finds herself frantically with Sophie, eventually abandoning her moral integrity to gain power, fit and success.

The series addresses issues such as jealousy, guilt, fear of aging and complicated relationships from a woman’s perspective.

Palmer – January 29

Justin Timberlake is the protagonist in Palmer (Picture: Playback / Apple TV +)

The film, starring singer and actor Justin Timberlake, tells the story of former football star Eddie Palmer, who is considered a hero in his hometown until he is convicted of a crime and faces up to 12 years in prison.

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After returning to his hometown and moving in with his grandmother, Palmer is viewed with suspicion by the locals. Things get worse when Vivian, Palmer’s grandmother’s neighbor, goes missing and leaves her eight – year – old son.

Palmer begins to approach the boy and his teacher. An exciting journey begins, but Palmer’s past demons can destroy everything.

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