Apple TV requires PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Apple TV requires PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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Apple TV is available on next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles at launch. This is a big problem.

Microsoft today Announcement Apple TV will be available right out of the box on Xbox Series X and S models, and older Xbox Ones will also get support on November 10th. A few weeks ago Sony Also share Apple TV will be included in the upcoming PS5 console and PS4. This will give owners of the next generation of consoles the opportunity to access content purchased directly from the game console, Apple TV+ originals, and subscription channels. Sony and Microsoft don’t necessarily need Apple, but Apple needs PlayStation and Xbox.

Apple added the following latest titles and offers to streaming products last year. Subscription bundle Drive users to the service through Showtime and CBS All Access. In addition Movie snap Old and new It helps to strengthen the lineup of content offered by Apple TV+. At launch, the service was limited primarily to Apple products with a few exceptions, which previously created semi-exclusive access to the service. expansion On more devices like TV this year. However, the exclusivity and limited support outside of Apple’s own ecosystem doesn’t make much sense for the Skinny service as there are so many content services competing for the eyes of viewers and wallets.

Instead, Apple will want the Apple TV on as many platforms and devices as possible to keep viewers engaged, especially on next-generation gaming consoles that can double as set-top boxes. Sony propaganda “Super fast loading” on the PS5, Microsoft dubbed the Series X launch “the fastest and most powerful Xbox.” Much faster game consoles can replace other systems currently in use if they can boot up faster if they know they can get the same apps and services on the next generation console. And that’s a huge boon for Apple. The biggest concern right now is catching subscribers when the free trial expires. (lately extended Some free subscriptions for Apple TV+ ending November through early next year.)

There are so many services you can name right now.Most are okay Compared to a small number actually good. But the problem is that these services are only as good as the viewers’ ability to actually access them. And if Apple doesn’t meet people on the screens and devices from which it fetches content, it will only hurt itself.

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