Apple Watch: Displaying emulator Mu-WatchOS software (video)

Apple Watch: Displaying emulator Mu-WatchOS software (video)

In September of this year, several images appeared on the prototype version of the Apple Watch, fitted with a security box used to keep the identity of new products secret.

The same user now brings us a video of this embedded version of the planet’s most popular smartwatch, where this historical identifier can be found attached and in action, showing the software version prior to WatchOS 1.0.

Powered by Apple Watch prototype test software

The video begins by showing us the original cardboard packaging that the product was sent to those responsible for the tests, and reads that the equipment is classified as “confidential”. After running the Apple Watch, we see a slightly different configuration from where Apple’s internal applications stand alone.

We see an icon represented by the character of Lisa in The Simpsons, which resembles an experimental software inspired by Steve Jobs’ daughter. This application allows you to adjust the components of the user interface of this version of the product.

The absence of a digital crown for navigation is very important, it was done at that time with two body buttons placed on one side of the clock.

The security box provided a kind of home button, but the video never shows these buttons being used, so they do not work at that time.

As soon as the user presses the settings icon, a message appears indicating that the device in question is not yet approved by the FCC for sale, a fact that confirms that it is even a prototype.

The iPod nano format is no accident

It was no coincidence that Apple chose the iPod Nano design of the watch box, as it was used by many as a watch before the introduction of Cupertino’s smartwatch.

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Moreover, it acted as a perfect cover for a product that has not yet been revealed, which potential leaks think is a potential device.

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