Apple Watch Tip: You can “feel” the hours on your wrist

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The Apple Watch is a fantastic machine, there’s a lot to use with it. By the way, We talked a lot about features The Apple Watch and how they make our lives easier. However, with each new version, Cupertino adds a few more. Today, we will show you how you can feel the time on your wrist.

This feature was introduced in WatchOS 6 because they are available, but a little hidden. Today we reveal the things that are most useful in your daily life.

An Apple Dem Many features This will adapt their devices to the needs of the users. This tip we bring you today is one of them.

So ... how do you feel the time on your wrist and know how much walking you do without looking at your watch?

Using tactical surveillance

When the Apple Smartwatch is in quiet mode, it can mark the time on your wrist with a series of unique touches.

  1. Open the Settings app On the clock.
  2. Touch the clock, scroll the screen and touch the "tactical clock".
  3. Enable "Tactical Tracking" and then select a setting - "Digits", "Abbreviation" or "Morse Code".
    • Digits: Apple Watch makes one long ring every 10 hours, short rings every next hour, long rings every 10 minutes and short rings every next minute.
    • Concise: Long touch of the Apple Watch every five hours, short touch for the remaining hours, then long touch every 15 minutes.
    • Morse code: Apple Watch will mark every digit of the hour by tapping the Morse code.

You can configure "Tactical Tracking" on the iPhone. Open the app Take a look On the iPhone, tap My watch > M Take a look > Tactical surveillance, Enable this option.

Note: If the "Tactical Tracking" option is disabled, the Apple Watch can always be set to tell the time. So, to use the "Tactical Surveillance" option, go ahead Definitions > Take a look Then enable "Disable Mode Control" during "Report Hours".

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