Apple’s AirTag unveiled in a newly published patent application

Apple's AirTag unveiled in a newly published patent application

The two patent applications filed by Apple appear to describe the company’s widespread expectations. AirTags Item Tracker ( Patent apple).

The title of a file containing a large number of images is “Mounting base for wireless location tag“And”Fasteners with restrained retaining rings,” describes a wireless location tag that can be used to determine the absolute position of an object in a more accurate way than GPS. The patent also shows a lot of potential. AirTags features.

Filing describes “tags used to track physical objects”, ie “small and convenient shaped devices that can be attached to objects” and features “a rugged structural design that ensures reliable use in a variety of conditions and environments” . They suggest, “The tag is waterproof, or at least waterproof, and may be able to withstand shocks, drops, or other common trauma from normal use of the tag.” It can also provide haptic and audible output.

The image in the patent depicted the potential design of the tag. Popular design It has a metal disk on the back and a plastic shell on the top and sides. A speculative leather pouch with a keychain ring also seems to be exemplified.

The tag’s location tracking and orientation capabilities are very accurate, he says, “a smartphone can locate a tag with an accuracy of less than 3 feet, and even within 1 foot.” The patent describes how the entire network environment, including tags, smartphones, computers and other devices, provides functionality, perhaps over an ultra broadband connection.

In addition to finding misplaced objects, tags can also be used to trigger actions on other devices when they are within a certain proximity or orientation. This patent provides an example of a tag placed in the lobby of a building “so that when an individual enters the lobby, the smartphone can detect that the tag is within the threshold distance of that tag. Then the map of the building is automatically displayed on the smartphone. Is displayed.”

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The patent also explains that the tag can operate in various modes. “In normal operating mode… Tags save power and establish temporary or intermittent communication with one or more other devices… You can check the location and exchange information about the status or location of the tags., Tags Can basically update other devices periodically.” Interestingly, this communication can work in a one-way system, and the tag does not receive any information from other devices despite sending.

“Lost Mode” occurs “in response to an unexpected loss of communication between the tag and one or more other devices”, allowing the tag to privately route encrypted transmissions through a third party device to send information to the owner’s device. This means that a lost tag is quietly found when someone else simply comes in nearby, allowing the owner to see the tag’s location. Other mods can use the same system to report the location and status of tags left at home through connection with other devices at home.

The image also showed a small storage case, an Apple Watch Band, a cord or strap, and a tag enclosed in a circuit that could be closed or opened. The patent also indicated that the tag could be mounted on the base to charge, which is Apple’s MagSafe Charging cable.

Interestingly, the images showed how to place tags on a user’s body to monitor posture, track full body movements to control a game or avatar, or monitor body movements during exercise.

Tags can also be used for augmented reality and AR games. For example, tags can be used as pieces in AR chess games because they can determine their location with high accuracy. You can then visually replace it with computer-generated graphics in an augmented reality environment.

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While the patent doesn’t prove that AirTags will have all of these features when it is released, the length and width of the application is surprising. At least they are Apple’s The promise for ultra broadband science Technology. Nonetheless, the close correlation between these papers and various AirTags rumors would be more than a coincidence.

For more information on AirTags Full roundup.

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