Apple’s massive iPhone 12 upgrade was suddenly confirmed.

New iPhone 12 exclusive reveals amazing Apple design decisions

Apple’s iPhone 12 launch Getting closer Due to a recent leak Disappointing Design decision, Now one major upgrade has been released.

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Prolific Apple tipster John Prosser Confirm Apple will double the entry-level storage capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max to 128 GB, which addresses the much criticized 64 GB starting point on the iPhone 11 Pro model. But not everything is good news.

The iPhone 12 Pro model will get this (long awaited) storage bump, but Prosser week That The all-new iPhone 12 mini (“Definitely the final marketing name”) and iPhone 12 are fixed at 64GB of storage. You’ll also have the same 64/128/256GB upgrade options as the iPhone 11 lineup, and you’ll miss the top tier of 512GB available on the iPhone 12 Pro model.

In addition to this, Proser repeated that Apple will announce a new iPhone on October 13th, and that “the first shipment of Apple’s final iPhone 12 products will be released to retailers on October 5th.” Prosser’s 2020 Apple launch leak success rate is high Little agreement between leakers Around this date, you need to add it to your calendar.

Will the mass storage jump rekindle the excitement of Apple’s new iPhone? It’s a good (possibly important) move following the revelation that the iPhone 12 range will light up. The battery is smallerIt keeps the big display notch and potentially only treats the iPhone 12 Pro Max as a’real flagship’ and misses out on the smaller iPhone 12 Pro. Camera and upper layer 5G upgrade.

Of course, Apple fans angular New chassis design Not only to expect Relatively small price increase Compared to other 5G iPhones. But for my money, the real star of the show isn’t going to be released by Apple. By the beginning of next year.


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