Are Marvel Studios trying to scare’WandaVision’?

Wanda vision Will be the first Marvel, Disney + original, Elizabeth Olsen’s vision of Wanda Maximoff and Paul Betaney emerged as a happy married couple. on I love lucy meet Marvel Cinematic Universe Fashion, the series will present a new world: through Wanda’s immense power, it will be created and existed. Wanda will reveal herself as a scarlet witch who can threaten the rescue of reality.

Director Matt Shakman, Lead Writer of’WandaVision’ Jac Schaeffer, President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen | Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney

With the release of the series’ first full-length trailer, various speculations continue to emerge around the mood of the show. At some point it’s like Leave it to beaveresque Sitcom. At another point, the trailer was very scary. It wasn’t bloody and bouncing, but a mad laugh and suspicious gaze.

Could the show capture a variety of atmospheres without feeling awkward? Can comedy, horror and action all be fused into a combined whole? Do the writers have plans to scare the show, or was it just a simple side effect of a weird trailer?

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Kevin Feige talks about Marvel’s’WandaVision’ plan

Wanda Vision, It will be Marvel Studios’ groundbreaking work through its simple existence. The series kicks off the Disney + Marvel world and kicks off a cross-talk between a small screen and a silver screen. Wanda vision Reportedly Dr. Strange in Madness Multibus However, the importance of the show to the landscape is not the only characteristic, as the series itself will push the boundaries of the genre. At CCXP 2019, Kevin Feige said:

[We have] The opportunity to tell their story and show more of what Wanda can do, to create a vision, a vision, and most importantly, reveal a name that the MCU hasn’t spoken yet, but we know that the important thing on the show is that Wanda is the Scarlet Witch. is. And what does that mean that she is a scarlet witch? That’s what we play on this show in a way that’s totally fun, totally hilarious, a bit scary, and will affect the whole future of the MCU’s 4th phase.


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Wanda vision With the title of Scarlet Witch, we will reveal that Wanda is incredibly powerful. Infinity Saga failed to highlight her superhero title. “I couldn’t make a big deal”. But the show plans to bring it back and forth. This show will show the scarlet witches that exist beneath the surface of Wanda.

According to Feige, the show plans to use the above story in a way that benefits both humor and horror. This series is scary at times. But it will also be fun. It would be pretty interesting to see how show runners pull out this piece without getting too deep into comedy or thriller.

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