Arizona has received NCAA notice of charges against the men’s basketball team.

Arizona has received NCAA notice of charges against the men's basketball team.

The school announced Friday that Arizona had received a notice of charges from the NCAA. No additional information was provided.

“To protect the integrity of ongoing enforcement proceedings, the university currently does not disclose NOA,” the school said.

Arizona State Board Chair Larry E. Penley issued a statement shortly after the school announcement.

The statement said, “The Arizona Regents Board will meet at an executive session next week to discuss the NCAA’s alleged notice issued to the University of Arizona.” “The Board recognizes that NCAA issuing a notice of allegations is another step in the comprehensive enforcement process. Maintaining the integrity of the process has been disappointingly slow, but essential, and we look forward to quick resolution.

“The board of directors [Robert C.] We are committed to excellence in academic and athleticism with Robbins. “

Arizona’s men’s basketball program is being investigated from the 2017 FBI College Basketball Survey. Former Arizona assistant, Emanuel “Book” Richardson, pleaded guilty to receiving a $20,000 bribe from an ambitious sports agent Christian Dawkins to guide players to Dawkins after they became pros.

At Dawkins’ trial, prosecutors called Richardson telling Dawkins that Arizona manager Sean Miller was paying a former player $10,000 per month. De Andree Eaton.

“But look, your son [Miller] Promised he would allow [us] Dawkins spoke to Richardson on the phone. “So let’s take a look at how Sean proceeds. You know what I’m talking about? I’ll see if he’s the right guy for him. Because he brought it to me.”

“Yes, I need help,” Richardson replied. “Do you know what he is doing in a month? I said. Ten.”

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“Yes, that’s what I’m talking about,” said Dawkins. “He’s betting real money for them [players]. He said he was being killed. “

Miller consistently refused to pay players to attend Arizona.

He told a press conference in 2018 that “I have never intentionally violated NCAA rules while serving as the chief coach of this great program.” “I have never paid and willing to pay a recruit, potential client, or their family or agent to come to Arizona.”

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