Arlo Guthrie: folk singer announces retirement from performance

Arlo Guthrie: folk singer announces retirement from performance
Guthrie, son of ancient folk legend Woody Guthrie, did not explicitly give reasons. Long Facebook post “Fishing is gone.” However, he explains how mini strokes and strokes have hampered his abilities in recent years.

73-year-old Guthrie wrote, “I have been working as a working entertainer for over 50 years, but I have come up with a difficult decision that tours and stage performances are no longer possible.” “We have canceled our upcoming show and are not receiving offers. The new version is the short version. Keep reading the long version…”

Guthrie is known for its “long version” of “Alice’s Restaurant”, which ran for over 18 minutes when launched in 1967. The best-known line is “You can get everything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.”

It later became a film directed by Arthur Penn.

Guthrie’s other most famous single was the cover of “City of New Orleans” in 1972 by Steve Goodman.

Guthrie has continued to record and perform for decades. He played at Carnegie Hall on most Thanksgiving weekends until last year.

“Fork singers may have a much longer shelf life than dancers or athletes, but one day, unless you’re lucky or the average person (one or both), it’s time to cut off the’Fishing is gone’ sign… It’s nice to be happy and healthy and be able to go without going anywhere.”

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