Arthur Messi and Ronaldo reveal the differences between leadership and who is the best captain

Arthur Messi and Ronaldo reveal the differences between leadership and who is the best captain

The Brazilian international did not answer any questions.

There are not many players who can be proud of having played with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. One of Juventus’ Brazilian midfielders, Arthur, revealed the differences in their leadership style in an interview with the YouTube channel “Desimpeditos”.

“Everyone has their own way of showing leadership. Leo [Messi] Expresses it with gestures no matter how it appears. Many do not think so, but when they get the ball on the field, they show a thirst for goals and a desire to win games. You notice, ”he said of the Argentine star of the Plugrana symbol.

As for the Portuguese international, he now shares the resort, and Arthur says he is very outspoken:

“Cristiano [Ronaldo] He expresses himself more with his hands, with his words … and, when he picks up the ball, when he wants to score … he’s more of a participant in the dressing room. You have some people who are more involved, but get along well with everyone and talk to everyone. But language makes everything easier. I’m not his friend enough to go to his house to drink coffee, but we have a good relationship. “

The Brazilian international was also asked which of the two captains was the best, and one did not escape the question, contrary to expectation.

“It’s hard. During one match, one scored five goals and the other two. Both are excellent leaders. But I will choose Cristiano now because we’re on the team now,” he concluded.

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