Article | Capital’s Invasion and the End of American Dominance

Article |  Capital's Invasion and the End of American Dominance

The invasion of the US Congress on Wednesday afternoon (6) was a remarkable fact, and all analysts agree. But, it’s not about why. Those who think what happened was a hopeless move by supporters of a leaking president are mistaken.

The process by which the invasion is inserted, as well as its consequences for American society and the world, is profound and decisive.

The fall of American hegemony around the world has long been debated and its outcome predicted. Apparently, such historical processes do not have an exact date of end and beginning, but some facts point to milestones to mark the passing of an era, either because of their identities or the trauma they provoke. It’s January 6th.

Dominance is not simple domination. Being the dominant force in the world system refers to the leadership and recognition of the United States as it has been during the wars and since the Second World War.

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The tools for this are, on the one hand, the ability to form a consensus and, on the other hand, a powerful persuasion mechanism that is ready to use at any time. Proper management of these tools allows the dominant power to present its particular interest to the common good, which benefits everyone.

When the US government intervenes in the economy, its initiative is understood to stabilize (or) global finances, not just its own.

When the White House invades countries within the bourgeoisie, overthrows governments or uses sanctions and sanctions, it does so with the discourse that it stabilizes the world order and eliminates or isolates threats that do not comply with the rules of “democratic” law. Internationalism (i.e., neo-liberal globalization, liberal republicanism hated by the masses and American consumer culture, with strong racism and racist content).

Trump has given organic to the American far right and turned it into a suitable political actor in the country

However, this did not last long. In early 2004, most European allies could not believe that then-President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was not just a private American interest, but a public interest (as opposed to three years before the invasion). Afghanistan in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks).

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The restructuring of the world economy in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis – not yet fully overcome – was largely due to Chinese investment and the lack of appropriate US plans for this purpose.

A countdown has begun to figure out when the Chinese economy will systematically overtake the United States (GDP), because, in practice, the Asian firm is now clearly not only an economic initiative in the global system, but clear to any such international analyst. Begs that this effort not be stopped.

The invasion of Congress is the most spectacular act of deep civilization crisis in American society, announcing the end of its domination of the world system.

The election and administration of Donald Trump is a clear indication of the end of American domination of the world system and the destructive effects this fact will have on American society, which is certainly the strongest growing Latin American perimeter in the West.

If there had already been great difficulties in establishing world domination before Trump, any demands in this regard would have been briefly thrown out as he stayed in the White House. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), disagreements with the historic allies of the G7 and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – including the US military, formerly the US (DISA) And the DPP) rescinded unprotected free trade agreements, making it very clear that the White House under Trump had no intention of “building consensus” or presenting himself as a defender. “Common Curiosity”.

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However, the contradictions are much deeper. Trump has given organic to the American far right and turned it into a suitable political actor in the country. With that it launched an attack from within the foundations of the American political system and the table of the entire liberal world.

The dominant nation is an example of stability and a “peaceful” solution to the conflict, within a cult that values ​​prophecy, all that Trump and non-fascism have. The invasion of Congress is the most spectacular act of deep civilization crisis in American society, announcing the end of its domination of the world system. Some more important points should be listed:

1. Trump’s direct action in “condemning” the electoral system of the United States as fraudulent and breaking his notion that his incitement to congressional invasion is a model to be followed by American “democracy.” Elections, legal ceremonies, the retention of officials, are all verified by the wonderful stories of the far right. Stability and prognosis in the liberal order are no longer guaranteed.

2. The performance of the Trump administration during the Govt-19 epidemic wreaked havoc on the country’s image in front of the world. The epidemic demonstrates the inability of the White House to build a global consensus on respirators and personal protective equipment (PPEs) imposed on other countries, attempts to set prices before the vaccine is available, the withdrawal of the country from the World Health Organization and the rejection that led the United States to become the most affected country.

3. The confusion over the calculation of the presidential election and the allegations of fraud perpetrated by the President irreversibly undermine the North American objective of defining what constitutes “dictatorships” in democracies and the world.

Conspiracy attempts at the Congress invasion complete the scene, as evidenced by the widespread lamentations of news anchors in the mainstream media, who are very concerned about “attacks on democracy” in the United States, but not when conspiracies are carried out in other latitudes, always with the support of the White House and the same media.

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The “Trump era” is coming to an end, at least for now, with an unimaginable scene of a conspiracy in the United States sponsored by the Republican president. Such a country, having already lost its economic leadership and is now unable to guarantee the normal functioning of its institutions, is not in a position to lead the world system.

American society has entered a deep civilization crisis, common to the depletion of degenerate forces. The January 6 events are the path of no return. These are the eruptions of a society taught with the exceptional idea of ​​living in the best and most democratic country in the world.

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How will they behave now in the “second economy of the world” where even an electoral process cannot be streamlined? How will international capital – and its dominant instruments, especially the mainstream media – maintain the appearance of (white) civilized superiority in the West?

We live in a world in the midst of “formal chaos” where there is no definite hegemony, multiple powers and a deep civilized crisis. The main economy, on the other hand, is a world governed by a Communist Party, based on Marxist principles, racially non-white, culturally non-Western. The risks are enormous. And the possibilities for change.

* Roberto Santana Santos is Professor in the Faculty of Education at UERJ and holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy. Regen- Executive Secretary of UNESCO.

** This is a commentary. The author’s view is not necessary to reveal the editorial line of the Brazil de Foto newspaper.

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